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About Us


We have been around for over 20 years, bridging the gap between what customers want and businesses need. We have been promoting businesses in the advertising field and helping to bring customers great deals.

Simply by showing businesses it's better to put their advertising dollars in to the customer, by offering deep discounts instead of paying high prices for advertising, which has no guarantee of bringing customers through the door.

We help build customer loyalty as customers come back to businesses where they are treated well and receive good service.

The Cash Saver Program is taking the coupon book concept to the next level and bringing it in to the 21st century. We are redesigning the industry to bring more value to the customers by creating an online coupon book as a go green concept.

Customers simply print out the offers they choose to use, as many times as they would like during the course of their membership. We find customers like to go back to the businesses they feel treated them well and businesses understand that people are creatures of habit and want to give them an incentive to become a regular customer.

Business owners that have participated in our promotions, have learned it is the most effective form of advertising they have ever been offered. It is better than spending their advertising budget on other forms of advertising that give no guarantee. They find working with us is more effective and better for the community as a whole as we work with schools, youth groups, churches, and non profit charities in your local communities to help raise money with our promotions for their cause.

We look to create a win - win concept for everyone involved and help raise awareness throughout the community for the businesses, local charities and fundraising groups.

With our concept, the customers not only save thousands of dollars in the local promotions, but they are able to use the online coupons nationwide when they go out of town as well.

We are expanding all throughout the United States and Canada to become the #1 fundraising concept available, that will give the supporters true value for their support.

We know all the schools and other fundraising groups will want to sell our product, with us giving back between 50% to 75% of the sale and by giving their supporters true valued offers for their loyalty to support those groups. Most coupon books only offer 50% or less to the groups that use their printed version. With our program the customer gets much more in value for their support to your fundraiser.


The Cash Saver Program is ramping up this year to help raise money & awareness for all the wonderful charities and the work they do to make this a better world. You will find banner ads posted on our website to help raise awareness for these organizations, and we will be doing separate fundraising campaigns nationwide to help raise money that will be donated to these organizations.

If you know of a charity that we can help, please contact us so we can get involved with their cause.

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