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Businesses sign up with us for several reasons:

First and foremost, businesses need customers. Business owners look for a good class of customers that are gainfully employed and can afford to spend more money with them & become a loyal customer.

Businesses that fail to do effective advertising soon go out of business.( We see it all the time )

We are your marketing solution

We offer very inexpensive advertising to you so you can afford to make a better offer to your customer in stead of spending all your money on advertising.

It is better for you to put your advertising in to the customer when they walk through your door then it is to spend thousands of dollars trying to get them in.

We make most of our money from distribution of our Memberships so we do not charge much for you to participate. We do require a true valued offer from you to the customer. Simply put yourself in the customers shoes and think about what type of offer you would respond too. If your offer is not true valued the customer will not use it and you did not get the customer through the door.


You missed money in your till plus any chance to do an up sale and create a loyal customer. THIS EQUALS LOST REVENUE.

We do not except offers less than 25% value, as we sell the memberships to the customers for $40.00. We target customers who are gainfully employed and can afford to spend extra money while in your place of business. The more times they come in, the more money they spend, and it does create customer loyalty as everyone likes to go where you know their name.

They will not support the fundraiser if the offers are no better than what they get in the mail for free. You know, the ones they throw in the trash.

We are your marketing professionals. Leave your advertising to us and you just try to handle all the business we bring. Our Marketing Representative will show you the best way to promote your business and design your offer to work well for you.


Coupon books have been around for over 40 years for a reason. Your competitors who have participated in this format have done very well and renew year after year. When they see that their competitors are not participating they know they have a jump on the competition.


  • We have opened the doors for most every type of business to be able to participate.
  • Your customer can print out coupons and come to you multiple times throughout the year. As you know people are creatures of habit and the more time you can get them through the door the more used to coming they become and they bring friends and relatives and increase your sales. We design this program to be a win - win concept for everyone involved.
  • We offer the customer a better product for their support by having more types of businesses able to participate.
  • Schools and fundraisers get to keep a higher percentage for the group and give the customer a better deal for their support.
  • Our members are able to use offers from every city we're in. So while they travel they may still use offers.
  • The membership is valid for one year from date of activation. We are able to sell the memberships year round and each customer still has a full year.
  • You're able to offer more appealing offers to attract the customer through your door. Our job is to get your name out to the public and get them to come in. Your job is to win them over to want to come back.
  • Customers get in the habit of coming to you. With printed coupon books you are limited on how many offers you can have, and you have so many other businesses like yours that they do not need to come to you after they ran out of offers.

Distribution :

We work with all the schools & fundraising groups who need the perfect fundraiser for their group. We look to distribute tens of thousands of memberships in each market area.

Merchants have the opportunity to become a distributor of the Cash Saver Program to offer to your customers. You make 50% of every sale. We can show you an easy way to make that work for you. We provide you with all the sales materials.

Please fill out the form and we will get your information to the right sales department for your area.

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