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Distributor Opportunity

If you have a desire to make extra money you can now make additional income by selling the Cash Saver Program Membership Cards! The Cash Saver Program is the new and improved 21st CENTURY online version of a coupon book on the market. We offer deeply discounted offers to our customers with 2 for 1 Deals, 50% off Services and Gift Certificate offers.

Our Memberships save consumers money on a daily basis with deals on automotive services, health and beauty services, entertainment, hotels, restaurants, vacation travel, groceries, home services and more! We are expanding into over 150 cities in North America and Canada.

Our online Members have access to use offers anywhere. You can even sell Memberships outside of your area to friends, relatives and clients in other cities as we expand in to every city.

Join our Distributor program today and earn a residual income for life! IT JUST MAKES GOOD SENSE!!

Why will the Cash Saver Program Distributor Program work for you?

  • Everyone loves to save money!
  • The Cash Saver Program is sellable year round.
  • Because the Membership will save your customers HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars every year, consumers will come back to purchase the Cash Saver Program year after year! You will get credit for the renewal each year and build a residual income as long as you’re a distributor.
  • The Memberships are valid for one year from day of activation.
  • The offers may be used over and over again, not like the limited amount you see in a traditional coupon book.
  • Much larger variety of services and businesses allowed to participate than typical printed book.
  • Our membership offers cannot be lost, stolen, or misplaced like they can with the printed versions.
  • We are considered a green product and do not have millions of coupon books ending up in the landfills each year as no one uses everything in the book. Our Membership cards are used over and over for years to come.

How do I become a Distributor?

Becoming a Distributor is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Fill out the form on the Contact Us page, we will have a representative in your area contact you.
  • Once you’re approved as a Distributor of the Cash Saver Program, we will send you all the information and instructions you will need to get started!

Distributor Overview

As a Distributor of the Cash Saver Program you will earn up to $20.00 for every Membership card sold through your company. You will be paid on a sliding scale depending on how many you buy or sell!

The Cash Saver Program Distributor Opportunity is available to you with no upfront cost and we handle all the order fulfillment and processing, or you may purchase the cards in advance and have them available at your place of business. We provide detailed online reports so you can monitor every aspect of your online sales.

The advantage of selling the Cash Saver Program!

  • Our memberships sell themselves and offer your customer true valued offers to save money on services and expenditures normally incurred during the course of the year.
  • Residual income each year from repeat customers who use our Memberships. The customer will use the same Membership card year after year. Once they register the Membership through you, they will be renewed through us for you. We send out emails to all members before the Membership expires each year to remind them to renew.
  • Earn extra money and help your customers save money so they can afford to spend more money in your business.
  • Help your community as a whole.
  • You never have wasted inventory as the Membership card does not expire until one year from activation. (Even when you buy the cards upfront)
  • Offset your cost of advertising with us through our Distributor program.

Definition of a Distributor

A Distributor is a business not selling the Cash Saver Program as a fundraiser and solely selling to make extra money.

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