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How It Works

How The Cash Saver Program Works


  • Sign up and browse through all the offers in your area or any other participating area.
  • Select to view and print your discount offer.
  • Show your Membership card when presenting the coupon to the participating Merchant.
  • Enjoy your Membership offers and save as much CASH as possible through the year!
  • UNLIMITED access to all the offers Nationwide.
  • Use offers when traveling or on Vacation.
  • You will receive updates of new offers by email.

Go GREEN with your fundraisers.

The Cash Saver Program is proud to offer 50% or more payback and help make your fundraisers successful year after year.

Why It Works For The Business

  • Businesses look to attract new customers.
  • Businesses look to build customer loyalty.
  • Businesses realize it's better to put the advertising dollar into the customer.
  • Businesses need advertising that really works.

Why It Works For The Customer

  • Customers look for true valued offers.
  • Customers like to go where they are treated well and receive good service.
  • Customers may use as many offers as they wish through the year.
  • Customers may use the same offers over and over again.
  • Customers see more value with our promotions.
  • Customers have access to use offers anywhere.
  • Customers see a wider variety of savings with us.
  • Customers like the charity work we do.
  • Customers love to support fundraisers that offer true value for their support.
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